Enjoy a hot beverage and conversation during Coffee with a Cop events.

2019.05.15, Wednesday
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«Left Right»

Coffee with a Cop, May 10, 2019

Coffee with a Cop, May 10, 2019 Lots of fun with kids, adults and the police officers of West Chester! Thanks go to Target and Starbucks for hosting the event.   Photos by David Corfman and Tom O’Brien

CPA Class #20, Week 5, SWAT

This is always a fun class – field trip! After a ride in The Bear, Officer Dan Dean showed the class around the Butler County firing range.  The SWAT team demonstrated their various weapons and showed their tactical ...

CPA Class 20, Week #4 – Criminal investigation

The class learned about blood spatter, fingerprint evidence, DNA, crime scene contamination and much more. They also went hands on as evidence techs and fingerprint analysts having to collect fingerprint evidence then analyze fingerprints ...

CPA Class #20, Week 3 – Defensive Tactics Unit

Officer Kevin Watson joined Officer Dan Dean to present on the Defensive Tactics Unit. They described how the DTU takes responsibility for giving the officers the tools to survive and return to their families after every shift.  

CPA Class #20 off to a great start

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March 2019 Program Meeting report

Our March, 2019 program meeting was Officer Gabe Staton giving a presentation on police jail intake procedures for the West Chester police department. He gave an informative talk on how they process juveniles, felons and OVI violators. One fun ...

January program meeting

We had a full house for our January program meeting, featured Officer Michael Blankenship sharing the status of nearly retired police dog Ciro. WC police are looking to procure a replacement K9 soon. Officer Dan Dean gave a summary of police ...

New police officers sworn in – 1/17/2019

Three new police officers were sworn in this evening by WCCPAAA’s own Bruce Jones (Class 17).

Class 19 graduation

CPA Class 19 graduated on November 7, 2018, with nine class members.  Photos pending from the event itself, but here’s the cake.  Congratulations graduates!